About MapHR

As a global HR community that serves both HR professionals and HR technology providers, MapHR is your bridge to HR people, HR Technologies and HR Communities. It is the place to be and the place to be noticed. We offer the best platform to connect and network with your peers, blog and benchmark your view and participate in the discussion. Exchange ideas and best practices and build communities of interest.

MapHR is the place to “continue the conversation” We act as a conduit and close the gap between different HR groups.

With our global reach, MapHR is the ideal platform to exchange innovative ideas to help drive change in the HR space.

MapHR is uniquely positioned to provide companies of all sizes cost effective solutions and services that align with your company strategy. The MapHR directory of services and solutions is a magnet for new technologies. This is where you would browse for the latest most innovative HR technologies from companies around the globe. This is the place to research your needs, find solutions and acquire resources.

Through our Technology Review Council (TRC), we research, evaluate and influence the strategies, positioning and offerings of many member companies and are always on the lookout for the latest technologies that will better serve our customers.

Contact us at info@maphr.com and tell us how we can improve.