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Kissaah’ means ‘life story’, ‘narrative’ or ‘tale’ in Sanskrit.

We’ve used this word because we believe this is a chance for YOU to tell your story, or tale, and to CHANGE the narrative of your life for the better. Share your story, change your story, and let Kissaah help get you where you want to be.

Kissaah is an online platform that will prompt you to become aware of and evaluate your strengths and values, and define your dreams, goals, and aspirations. It is a community in which you will be linked with like-minded others to spark a shared passion or drive, as well as have the ability to get connected with experienced mentors who can give insight into your areas of interest.

With increased input into Kissaah by users, the application will provide cohesive and insightful feedback, perpetuating a journey of discovery and self-expression in a safe environment; by supplying some of the pieces of the puzzle of which the path to goals are built.

Kissaah utilizes the Appreciative Inquiry Process of Discover, Dream, Design and Deliver to help create an online and real-world society which sustains and attains human flourishing, also known as ‘Eudaimonia’, and we are passionate about helping as many people as possible to flourish through using Kissaah.

Kissaah serves a community of individuals whose desire is to seek opportunities and curate a path towards that is well-attuned to their strengths, values, passions, purpose, and intentions.
In the world work, Kissaah can nurture organizations to construct habitats in which employees are motivated and rewarded for fulfilling their potential to flourish, for organizations and communities to thrive.

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