IC Analyzer

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360CWM Inc. was founded by VMS, technology, pay-rolling and HR veterans. IC Analyzer was created to help solve the issues and challenges around worker misclassification. This process is time consuming for both the employer and contractor. IC Analyzer was developed to streamline and standardize the compliance process and reduce audit risk for firms with multi-jurisdictional challenges. Most issues arise due to poor documentation and the loss of past information for auditors. The goal at IC Analyzer is to make an easy, fast, correct audit process with low risk and high transparency, saving your time and money to deploy strategic HR strategies.

Area of Function or Speciality

IC Analyzer is a software that can be used directly by companies to help them classify their workers

Product or Service Description

We work with MSPs to help them with their compliance and risk management. IC Analyzer automates contractor classification and automatically validates credentials across multiple jurisdictions.