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Jobsurv was founded to take the work out of finding a job and building a career.

Jobsurv is an intelligent platform to provide access to specific jobs based on the fit of your personality to the company and easy to use career building tools and access to the people who can assure you have the best chance of success.

Jobsurv wants you to use your time and efforts to progress in your career and to work in the company you desire. Jobsurv was created to take the pain and time out of building the career you want, regardless of the stage of career you are at.

Finding the position you want in a company is now like working in a black box. You can see jobs posted, but you can’t reach the people who can tell you what its like to work at the company, or what it would really take to get hired for that position. You are seeking a certain company culture, but you have no way to understand if your personality and desires are a good fit for that culture. You know that the best success of getting that job offer, whether within or outside the organization, is to have a mentor that helps you get there.

Jobsurv has been architected to provide a completely secure and private offering for the individual and enterprise.

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