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Jobularity is a platform that allows companies to attract and hire more efficiently and effectively. This is accomplished creating a new mechanism for individuals to communicate their awesomeness: Zumay. Zumay was created to bring the resume into the 21st century. By leveraging some of the latest technology available, like video-based interviewing, real-time coding assessments, and an anonymous rating system, we’re helping do our part in on removing unconscious bias. Great companies are created on the shoulders of great employees; by leveraging Jobularity’s technology, you will improve your quality of hire.

Area of Function or Speciality

Replacing old school Applicant Tracking Systems.

Product or Service Description

Jobularity is a SaaS ATS hosted on AWS. We add to this, a white-glove hiring as a service model, which means we guarantee a certain amount of hires per month. So think of it as platform + service