SD Leadership Institute

PI Certified Partner
PI Certified Partner
Orange County, CA, United States
15356-15398 Red Hill Avenue Tustin California 90025 US

SD Leadership Institute, is a “Certified” Women Owned Business Enterprise & Small Business Enterprise, and a Predictive Index Certified Partner that serves its clients as a Trusted Partner and Strategic Leadership & Talent Management Solution.

The Predictive Index The Predictive Index – Certified Partner

Our team is here to support your team in all areas of talent acquisition, talent engagement, talent development, talent retention, and team development. Contact us today at 858.240.5640 or to get started!

Area of Function or Speciality

We specialize in supporting organizations experiencing challenges in areas such as:

Hiring, Selection, On-boarding & Promoting the “Right” Talent | Engaging & Retaining Talent | Developing “People” Leaders Others Will Follow | Developing & Aligning High Performing Teams | Determining & Developing HI-Potentials | Navigating Succession Planning to Avoid Talent Gaps | Improving Conversational Excellence Across the Organization | Elevating Emotional and Social Intelligence Across the Organization | Improving Sales Departments’ Success

Product or Service Description

We approach organizational challenges with a full suite of offerings and a customized approach:

COACHING (Executive Level – C-Suite, Leadership, Team, Group, ICF Mentoring): We provide well-vetted, trained, certified and ICF credentialed coaches with significant business experience and advanced degrees.

ASSESSMENTS (Executive Level – C-Suite, Individual, Leadership, Team, Group): We administer a wide-variety of assessments that measure areas such as Leadership Capability, Behavior, Drives, Needs, Motivators, Preferences, Emotional Intelligence, Sales Skills Capability, Cognitive, Conflict Style, and more.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: We serve as a full leadership development outsource solution for organizations who want to commit to the development of their leadership talent, but don’t have the internal resources to make it a reality. We also provide incremental classroom and online courses to supplement existing leadership development programs.

FACILITATION: We support teams and groups by facilitating a wide-variety of meetings, summits, or retreats to improve alignment, communication and collaboration.