Teamability® by The Gabriel Institute

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103, United States
2001-2099 Ludlow Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19103 US

Dr. Janice Presser is a behavioral scientist and the CEO of The Gabriel Institute, based in Philadelphia. She has long been a thought leader in talent science and team analytics, and is the author of six books, including the new @DrJanice: Thoughts & Tweets on Leadership, Teamwork & Teamability®

Teamability® is a completely new technology of teaming architected by Dr. Presser. It was conceived in 1984 when she and her colleague, Dr. Jack Gerber, began to search for a way to measure team dynamics: the perceptions and influences that affect people who are working together in teams. Launched in 2012, the technology is the capstone of a quarter-century of behavioral science R&D, including nine years of software development. Teamability was engineered to identify and organize the foundational elements of team activity and team management, and it produces true analytics of team chemistry.