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Webonboarding is the latest in onboarding technology designed and developed as part of the webexpenses suite of cloud-based solutions. Established since 2000, the company continues to grow and go from strength to strength with knowledge, experience and innovation. This started with Finance professionals and webexpenses and now with HR and webonboarding.

Area of Function or Speciality

Webonboarding has one main objective – to make the onboarding process simple.

By giving organisations the tools to be in control of onboarding, not only does this empower hiring managers but also provides the best experience for the onboardee.

Product or Service Description

About the solution

Cloud-based to efficiently manage the process of onboarding new employees into the business
Manages the manual process between Recruitment and HR
A three-way workflow process between HR, Line Managers and the ‘onboardee’
Provides efficiency and visibility to all those involved in the onboarding process.

How webonboarding can benefit your business

Automate the process between the ‘onboardee’, Hiring Manager and HR teams
Save time with templates and mail merge for new starters
Reduce the reliance on manual processes
Manage high volume onboarding projects
Become more efficient through automating the offer and contract process
Report on stages of process and outstanding actions
Proactively deliver information to new starters
Provide your future employees with a great experience