Member Benefits


MapHR is a hub for innovative HR technology, consulting and marketing services.

By joining MapHR you are benefiting from 30+ years of executive management, Years of HR knowledge and a vast network of HR professionals and business leaders.  

MapHR provides a large spectrum of services that provide visibility, promotion, recognition and access to a large audience of qualified decision makers.

MapHR and Value and Services:

  • Directory of vendors (globally) with products and services to assist the HR industry
  • Vendors will be categorized through a process that allows consumers of the products/services to easily find those vendors providing the right service or solution
    • This is being done by a small group of extremely knowledgeable HR Technology experts – understanding the vendors and the consumers’ needs of connecting
  • Vendors will pay for being on the site and will be able to take advantage of a number of services (some chargeable) MapHR provides to them
    • Listing in categories properly aligned with their market – that take consumers to the vendor landing page
    • Access to association calendars for events, speaking or presentation opportunities, access to key industry events for sponsorships/attendance
    • Access to MapHR brokered discount opportunities from associations for events, presentations, membership, certification
    • Focus groups and webinars that provide feedback from “real users”
    • Opportunities to offer pilot engagements to selected members of associations (with the approval of the association)
    • Consulting on market position and branding by MapHR experts
    • Simple branding that levels the playing field so all vendors have the chance for exposure
    • Highlights of new technologies and vendors from the MapHR newsletter and mailings (this will also go to the associations to be passed on to their members)
    • Exposure to thousands of focused consumers, better than any purchased list, through our association partners
    • Your channel to associations for more meaningful opportunities to reach your target audience through our dialogue with the senior members of the associations





What does the vendor get:

  • Up to five initial categories on the MapHR website
  • Access to new marketing opportunities through brokered MapHR arrangements and discounts
  • Notice of presentations, events, calls for papers from Associations.
  • Strong partner and advocate for ABC solutions to present to our Association partners
  • Further chargeable functions under MapHR
    • Demo video link from MapHR
    • Profile on solutions
      • Products/services (more detail than categorization)
      • Market(s) served
      • Pricing range (optional)
      • Target audience
    • Partner Eco-system designations
      • List your partners and show them as an eco-system for a total solution



Vendor Responsibilities:

  • Sign up for an annual plan and set categories, renew annually on services provided
  • Act as a reference to MapHR as a vendor partner
  • Bring your partners to MapHR
  • Provide us feedback for continuing improvement and make this an effective marketing venue




Member Registration

  • Link on the MapHR website on either the Services or Solutions page and up to 5 categorizations - $600 annual fee or $60 per month
    • Profile of your solutions or services to help consumers understand who you serve.
    • Link from your logo directly to your website


Optional MapHR site fees:

  • Demo video link: $100/video link (limit of 3 minutes/ each)/annually or $10 per month
  • Full HTML page landing page under categories section – $100/category/annually or $10 per month


Services fees

  • Assistance in setting up appointments in conjunction with local association events - $500 retainer for each event – limit 3 prospect visits
  • Assistance in marketing position, sales “training” from the consumers need viewpoint –

   Webinar – Focus Group, hosted by MapHR - $500 retainer for each event

  • Referrals that lead to a contract – 20% of first year contract, 10% for years 2 and 3
  • Consulting Services:
    • $250/hour, minimum 10 hour retainer
    • $2500 per month for up to 15 hours of consulting
    • $25,000 per year for up to 170 hours of consulting